This one time, I was on a train… 

I’ve never been too bad at navigating my way around the railway system in the UK, I’ve always been quite partial to jumping on a train at Portsmouth Harbour and sloping off for the weekend. My dad also works for train lines meaning, I knew all the do’s & dont’s and I’m sure he added a few more in under the over protective parents act of 2011 when I flew the nest to live in Brighton. 

So, Last Friday I managed to bag myself a spot on a group assessment day for a job I actually wanted *holds for applause*. This assessment day however meant having to pick myself up off of my Little Rock and travel for 5+ hours to… Luton? Hooray – a fun day out but also boo – are you freaking kidding me I have to go that far and might get cut at half time and THE STRESS?! I decided to share with you my day in a time line/play by play style thang because why not? And at the moment ‘the life and times of jasmine jervis’ is fairly boring and full of This Morning and Dinner Date (ta ITV).

Friday 24th Feb: 

4am- IM AWAKE AT 4am?! Im awake at 4am watching the news and wearing a full face of makeup by 4:15, Christ.

4:30- by 4:30 I’ve realised there isn’t enough tea, I have nil toothpaste and my nose ring has fallen out in the bed somewhere, such a Jazz start to the day..

4:45- and I have to call a cab. Sh*t. I’ve always been alright at making my own appointments etc but for some reason calling cabs in cities I don’t know worries me, are they going to turn up?! Do they work like every other cab company? Yes they will and yes they do. 


7:12- my train is late into btown, no coffee, no Percy pigs, no surprise.

By 10am I’m in Luton and I’m shattered! I flew out of the station after realising I was going to be late, I jumped the taxi queue, sorry, and felt like Bridget when she needed to go and see Mark Darcey demanding the cab to stop and being her sassy assertive self telling the driver her destination. When it 100% just looked like a flustered girl trying to adult with one thousand (3) bags and a red face.

I’m not going to indulge you with details on the interview. But it did go really well, amazingly fun day, got through all the stages and was told I’d know if the job was mine in 1-5 days… #muchexcite.


4:59- I’m feeling so fantastic in my first class carriage (yes I had a 1st class ticket and I was not aware until now) after a top notch interview, it’s sunny, I’ve finally got a coffee and I’m on my way home when suddenly, it’s 5pm. I’m at City Thameslink station and it’s rush hour, but it’s okay because I’ve paid for my 1st class ticket and I’m all comfy and seated. I’ve gone a few stops from Luton and the train guard says over the tannoy ‘1st class is now declassified’ oh fab, I didn’t get to make the most of it AT ALL. So everyone piles into first class and we have; 

The looker, you know the slightly elderly lady who just looks at ANYONE who makes a noise, saying something would be far too embarrassing but she’ll look at you disapprovingly anyway because she couldn’t possibly read her book while you sneeze! She looked like Jennifer Paterson from the cooking show two fat ladies, I would’ve snapped her but I’m definitely not discreet enough. I’d also have attached a photo of Jen herself but I’m still a blogging novice. 

Next we had the huffer, the man in the lovely tailored suit with his newspaper and his Rolex, huffing every time someone else tried to squeeze themselves into the nightmarish box that used to be 1st class. Maybe he was feeling the anger of declassified seats? 

Mr Huff quickly brings me to headphone fiend. The kid who blares out Jonas Blue and Bieber into their ears but also ends up sharing it with the rest of the carriage. Mr Huff and Jen weren’t happy with him but he was blissfully unaware. 

Lastly we have the unsolved case of the Bluetooth ear plugs. This guy attempted to sync his ear plugs to his phone and instead, continuously kept playing the first line of ‘Friday I’m in love’, not that I’m complaining of his good music taste but eventually he got bullied by Looky McGee’s gaze too much and he slowly put his ear plugs back in his bag and went for a snooze. 

It’s 9pm and I’ve hit back in Portsmouth where I floated onto my ferry, into my pals car and was driven home to my perfectly made bed which felt like heaven, a cup of tea and Harry Potter, what a brit. 

But hey, that’s that I guess. My next blog should be a little less me and a little more blogster? Is that a thing? 

*p.s I got the job, pleased to say I’ll be joining the TUI team as a holiday rep for the next 6 months abroad and I hope to stay in the company long after. Hip hop hooray.


January/February reflection..

When I look back at April-June time 2016 I think about how I was feeling really bright and ready for change. Ties had been cut with things that were holding me back and keeping me still and I was looking forward to starting a new job for the summer season.

This year has been different, the first two months have proven difficult for me for different reasons. I was forever feeling failure and hurt looming upon me, my mind has been telling me I’ve been reckless and made silly decisions, I’ve been constantly reminded of things that could have been and I have longed so hard for them to still be. Basically, I have felt weak and that I have been that weighted burden to people, consequently I’ve been a moody, dark shadow of a person 80% of the time. One minute I’m over the moon after hearing great news or spending an amazing day with friends or family and the next I’m sitting on the sofa shouting at the cats for being affectionate (sorry gals.)

Throughout my teenage years and the beginning of my twenties I like to think I have been a happy-go-lucky girl reeking of ‘let’s go out’, ‘does anyone want to go somewhere this weekend?’ or ‘friendly old Jazz’ or ‘Jasmine’s up for a drink/coffee/walk/night out’ and ‘YOLO’s (apologies). Recently this person had faded. This person had folded to become only half of the person that was there before.
This person however, was desperate to come back but failed to climb the wall I built to keep my glass half empty and keep me stationary for almost a whole two months.

I’m not here to splurge my feelings onto this empty word document to make you feel sorry for me or to plead for sympathy, I honestly don’t mind if it’s only read by a handful of my nearest and dearest, it’s mostly for my own realization that I am not weak or a burden or a ‘shadow of what once was’ in my most dramatic terms. I am normal.
I don’t know the facts of ‘The percentage of Brits that go through unemployment’ or how many females struggle to come to terms with a break up. All I know is that I am not the only person in the entirety of the world that has had these feelings and I won’t be the last. Coming to terms with the way I have been feeling recently and putting it into words is genuinely changing my mind set, even now as I’m typing straight from my overflowing mess of a brain I am reminded that these feelings are NORMAL and a weight is being lifted.
Please don’t think that I have written this in an attempt to be a motivational ‘blogger’ or that I am acting as if my world has crumbled and I am by choice being a stressy 24 year old when it’s not necessary and there are much worse scenarios that I could be in because as I’ve mentioned that is not the point. However, if I have influenced you at all with my hammy description of how my long and winding January and February road has been for me (so far) I hope it’s been a good one.

I am now, once again feeling ‘bright and ready for change’, I plan to take more risks and grasp 2017 by the balls. I am always going go be moany and often grumpy but my aim is to not let it consume me as much as it had up to now, piss off negativity, you weren’t invited. Just do you, it’s nice.

(Selfishly I have just said the word ‘I’ a lot in that outburst, however I feel incredibly lucky to have the support network that surrounds me and I thank those people intensely. There’s always someone.)

Oh heya.. 

For as long as I can remember I have greeted people in this way, ‘oh heya!’ And so, I figured this would be a good way  to greet you guys and introduce myself.

I am crazy new to the blogging/vlogging scene, I don’t read or watch them much as it happens however, I have always loved and welcomed the idea.

As mentioned somewhere else on this wild maze of editing buttons and software scares I am an increasingly open technophobe, everyone who knows me well is overly aware of this as I grumble about it often (I enjoy the occasional moan- more to come). Never the less I have chosen this lucky year of 2017 to improve my skills and become friends with technology.

This, and the general interest in blogs and vlogs and clogs, obviously gave me the push to begin a bloggy woggy myself. Now, the big nudge that came after stemmed from none other than the second half of the Sherlock team, John Watson. No, I’m not about to sit here and blog to you about the murders and cases my friends and I uncover, as much as I’d love to be smart enough to consider becoming the real life Sherlock Holmes, but I do want to use this as a platform to speak freely about things that I find vexing, adventures I plan on going on, things I’m up to and just the general chit chat to be honest. So, be expectant of a casual moan about the everyday, random posts on the Isle of Wight and other lovely places and tips from me to you that probably won’t even be helpful but we’ll have a good laugh about it in the end.. I hope.

So there we have it, Jasmine Jervis the rubbish technology user with her iPhone and outdated laptop is attempting to blog her way through 2017 for your amusement and her own piece of mind. (Here’s a picture of my current set up because that’s the best looking thing I can photograph at present, it’s grey outside and I look like a zombie..)

Just do you and enjoy 💕