Oh heya.. 

For as long as I can remember I have greeted people in this way, ‘oh heya!’ And so, I figured this would be a good way  to greet you guys and introduce myself.

I am crazy new to the blogging/vlogging scene, I don’t read or watch them much as it happens however, I have always loved and welcomed the idea.

As mentioned somewhere else on this wild maze of editing buttons and software scares I am an increasingly open technophobe, everyone who knows me well is overly aware of this as I grumble about it often (I enjoy the occasional moan- more to come). Never the less I have chosen this lucky year of 2017 to improve my skills and become friends with technology.

This, and the general interest in blogs and vlogs and clogs, obviously gave me the push to begin a bloggy woggy myself. Now, the big nudge that came after stemmed from none other than the second half of the Sherlock team, John Watson. No, I’m not about to sit here and blog to you about the murders and cases my friends and I uncover, as much as I’d love to be smart enough to consider becoming the real life Sherlock Holmes, but I do want to use this as a platform to speak freely about things that I find vexing, adventures I plan on going on, things I’m up to and just the general chit chat to be honest. So, be expectant of a casual moan about the everyday, random posts on the Isle of Wight and other lovely places and tips from me to you that probably won’t even be helpful but we’ll have a good laugh about it in the end.. I hope.

So there we have it, Jasmine Jervis the rubbish technology user with her iPhone and outdated laptop is attempting to blog her way through 2017 for your amusement and her own piece of mind. (Here’s a picture of my current set up because that’s the best looking thing I can photograph at present, it’s grey outside and I look like a zombie..)

Just do you and enjoy 💕



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